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Chris Allard Films is your premier boutique wedding filmmaking service in British Columbia and Abroad.
With years of experience, technical expertise and excellent customer service, we take pride in capturing your special day. ​
Your wedding will be captured on state-of-the-art equipment by professional wedding videographers, giving you a stylish and cinematic keepsake you can treasure forever.​


about Us

We provide unique and unforgettable films for our Wedding couples.

about you

An engaged couple seeking to have your wedding day shared in a way that will best showcase who you are as individuals and as one.

How we work

We are there from day one, committed to helping you feel comfortable with your investment, so that come the day of your wedding, you can be sure to take it all in stress free.

A couple sharing a beautiful kiss for their wedding video
A bride walks into the wedding hall on her wedding day.
A bride poses for the wedding videographer

About Us

We Capture those moments that take your breath away. And we love every second of it.

We truly believe that everyone should have a wedding video. A wedding film is the only investment that can capture the sights, sounds, and emotions of your wedding years later. And because of this, your film will be the single greatest wedding investment you make.

We are driven by story and are service oriented. We use our passion and the love for what we do to create our films. We love to get to know our couples, and have met some amazing people not just in British Columbia, but all over the world.

Our team has been working together for six years, with each of us bringing over 10 years of experience to the table. Creativity, flexibility and taking the time out for our families is at the heart of who we are and what we do. In fact, our team has truly become a family of its own, shaped by our shared passions. It brings us so much happiness to know that each of our films has brought joy and a strengthened bond between our couples.

We strive to create meaning behind our slogans. A moment forever as if stamped in time truly represents the films we create. The cherished moments we live in are fleeting, but we create films that allow us to look back with authenticity, pride and a feeling of passion and love.

A groom has his boutonnière placed by his best man.
A bride and groom share a special day together.

Our Values


We believe that the best way to capture your film is to do so with you being true to who you are. What day is better suited to trust yourself than on your wedding day?


Be sure in who you are and we will do the same. Your partner chose you for a reason, and with that choice you can be confident in a love that will last a lifetime.


People with courage know who they are and are confident in their beliefs. By being courageous you and your partner can stand the weather as it comes, and bear the fruit of a long lasting marriage.

Let's Travel Together

Let's be a part of your getaway

A couple walks down a bridge together for their wedding video

Let's be honest. An amazing part of what we do is our ability to experience new people and new cultures from around the world and we'd be lying if we said we weren't looking forward to our next getaway.

Places we have experienced while pursuing our passion include: The United States (including Hawaii), Australia, Thailand, Singapore, The UK, France, New Zealand among others! We love shooting at home as well so feel free to reach out whether your wedding is in Canada or anywhere in the world!

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