Amanda and Wes - Fraser River Lodge, Agassiz British Columbia

Amanda and Wes - Fraser River Lodge, Agassiz British Columbia

Dive into Amanda and Wes's Wedding day at the Fraser River Lodge.

4 Minutes

Amanda and Wes agreed to allow me to join them only three days before their wedding day, but by the end of the day, I felt as if I had known them for years. The day started for me with an introduction to Amanda, who looked stunning while laughing patiently as the very talented Jeanne Wang applied the finishing touches to her make up. The day progressed quickly, as weddings often do. I met Wes with an invasive request for him to put on a microphone and spill his soul. Oddly for him the request was coupled with me asking him to do so in the nearest bathroom (as bathrooms tend to be very good sonic spaces).

The highlight of my day commenced as the rain relentlessly threatened to blanket the sky around us. Wes stood upon the top of the dyke, the bison grazing peacefully behind him providing a more breathtaking backdrop than could be dreamt up by even the most creative of bride to be's. He was nervous, this much was clear, but those nerves were accompanied with a confidence that could only be worn by a man who was absolutely sure about his intentions. Amanda made her way carefully up the walkway, and marched excitedly along the dyke, each breath matching her carefully placed steps. I don't think I have seen a more emotional first look. And that is saying something. Vows were exchanged, along with the silent flow of tears, with the delicate, reciprocated touch wiping them away as each shared their respective vows.

The skies darkened as the ceremony began. The rain fell, but the spirits of those present did not. The flood of rain only heightened the sense of love, compassion and the strength of unity in those present.

I am truly thankful to have been able to take part in this day. And am especially excited to see the adventures these two embark upon as they go through their journey together.

The Team

Videography - Chris Allard Films

Photography - Dylaina Gollub Photography

DJ - In The Mix Productions

Design - Beholden Event Design

Florist - Wild Rabbit Flowers

Venue - Fraser River Lodge

Special Lighting - Vancity Lights

Make Up - Jeanne Wang Makeup -

Cake - Just Cakes Bakeshop


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