Picking the Perfect Wedding DJ

Picking the Perfect Wedding DJ

Helpful tips on picking the perfect Wedding DJ for your special day.

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The Wedding Pro’s

It’s always best to choose a professional DJ whose prime focus is performing at weddings. They will know the flow of how wedding receptions go and will be familiar with the timeline.  They can also act as the Wedding MC, if needed.


An Awesome Reputation

A really good wedding DJ will have a reputation in your area among the local vendors and venues. Look for a professional wedding DJ who knows their stuff and that has built a good reputation in the local wedding market.


Check out the Playlist

A Wedding DJ will generally have a set playlist with mainstream, top 40 and classic hits. You can ask to see the DJ’s set playlist and add selections to the list or add a do not play list for songs you don’t want played for whatever reason.


The life of the Party

Ask your potential wedding DJ what they do to get the party started. Do they engage with the guests, take requests, do any type of games. You can also ask what type of equipment the DJ uses, including lighting and fog machines that will add to the life of the party.


Get a contract

Once you have made a decision for a DJ, be sure to finalize all the details and have the DJ produce a contract for both parties to sign.  A professional reputable DJ will finalize booking with a contract specifically to protect both parties.


The Style

There are many DJ’s that have a unique style. It’s always best to find a DJ that fits your musical taste. Some DJ's focus on the classics, some prefer to keep the party going with Hip Hop or Top 40. Ask the DJ to put together a sample of songs.


Here are some sample questions to ask your potential DJ


·      How long have you been a DJ?

·      How many weddings have you worked?

·      How many weddings do you do per year?

·      How would you describe your style?

·      Do you have any samples of your work?

·      Are you familiar with our reception space?

·      Do you plan to use lighting or special effects?

·      Who sets up and breaks down?

·      What will you wear?

·      How do you handle song requests?

·      Can you be the master of ceremonies?

·      How do you measure your rate—hours? Packages?

·      Do you have an overtime fee?

·      How do you handle equipment malfunctions?

·      How do you get a shy crowd moving?

·      Can we make the playlist?

·      Do you use a predetermined set list?

·      Can you give us a full itinerary for the reception?


For more helpful wedding info on how to pick the right vendor check back at chrisallardfilms.com. We are also happy to assist with your Videography needs and how we can capture the moments of your special day.


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