The Perfect Wedding Party Favour

The Perfect Wedding Party Favour

Some helpful tips to help you decide on Party Favours for your wedding

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Here are a few inspirational ideas for the perfect wedding party favour. The average cost for a party favour is $2.50- $3.00 on average. With a larger wedding the costs for favours can really add up. Provide your guests with  a useful or desirable give-away and make sure to avoid party favours that are likely to be thrown out or left behind on the guest table. Try choosing something that has a good balance between something that is unique and creative and something that is useful and creative.

A good rule of thumb is to ensure you have a party favour for each of your guests, but feel free to omit children and infants. Also with high cost or elaborate favours you can save by providing one per family or group. It's also not a bad idea to ensure you have a few extra party favours in case guests take more than one, in case breakages occur, or even giving an extra one to a vendor or venue staff member whose service went above and beyond.

Here are a few ideas to inspire your Wedding Party Favour Choice.

  • A sign of the times: Having customized face masks are practical and can be used by your guests at the wedding to keep them safe and secure. Masks are also super practical and can be used after the wedding for every day use. Mini Hand Sanitizer bottles are also a great choice (make sure to utilize custom labels).
  • A Scent to Remember: A scented candle with a customized label is a fantastic party favour. Smell is considered the strongest memory trigger, and your guests will remember your special day each time they light the candle.
  • The Fan Favourite: Any type of snack food is always a hit party favour. Consider sourcing a local bakery to get a delicious baked good, such as a cookie decorated with the colours of your wedding. Beautiful and delicious.
  • Keep it Sweet or Spice it Up: A miniature bottle of hot sauce or a mini jar of local honey are unique and affordable give aways.
  • Freshen up: A sachet of mints is always a fresh and appreciated give away at wedding.
  • Sooth it out: Consider ordering a signature tea blend that will compliment the essence of your wedding. A healthy and relaxing option.
  • The DIY Kit: Ordering DIY kits are a favour that always pleases the crowd. There are a variety of options on-line from Hot Cocoa, S'mores or Cocktails that make for awesome give aways.

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