Tips on Creating a Seating Chart

Tips on Creating a Seating Chart

Here are some helpful tips for organizing a seating plan.

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With all the complexities and nuisances of organizing who should sit where, seating plans can feel like a complicated puzzle. Here are some helpful tips with organizing a seating plan for your wedding. 

Skip a seating plan:

If your wedding is on the smaller side with lots of close friends and family, there is no need for a formal seating plan and your guests can sit wherever they feel is most comfortable. A point to consider - this only works when everyone genuinely gets along and can sit side by side with one another.

Common interests and Like-Minded People:

When putting together your seating plan make sure to put people who you think would get along at the same table.This will make your guests feel more comfortable while interacting with each other and is a surefire way to promote conversation during dinner.

Create interest groups:

Having your older guests sit together, your younger guests with their own table and keeping your work friends with their own table will definitely put everyone at ease as they will be connected with people at the table.

Listen to advice but make final decision:

Hear what your important family members have to say in regards to how you should do your seating arrangements but remember; at the end of the day, the choice is yours. Avoid being persuaded to make any last minute changes once your seating chart has been finalized.

 Seating Chart:

Have an organized seating chart and floor plan at the entrance to your reception so your guests can easily find where they are seated. Make sure table numbers and names are clearly written on the seating arrangement to eliminate confusion.

These are just a few points to consider when putting together a perfect seating arrangement. The team at Chris Allard Films has years of event management experience. Check our website for more helpful wedding planning tips.



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