This is my latest project, a spec ad forEstée Lauder™. For those who don’t know, a spec ad is a “fake” ad,  made for portfolio and to showcase the director/DP skills. While on vacation, visiting my mother in St. Augustine Florida I decided to reach out to Madalyn Stephens and her fiancé Jake Little to do a quick shoot in the sunset on the beach.

Because I was travelling light, I had no equipment aside from my bmpcc4k, my sigma 18-35 and a few batteries. An ND filter would have been nice, as well as some method of stabilization, but sometimes it is fun to try and test the boundaries of what you can do with limited equipment. And so this is the final result.

Madalyn and Jake were a pleasure to work with, and it was great to get to meet two wonderful people, local to the St. Augustine area. They agreed to work for free, and I was extremely thankful for their participation!

Christopher Allard is a Filmmaker specializing in weddings, commercial projects, short films as well as Travel and Landscape films. I also specialize in people, portrait and travel photography. I am based out of beautiful, British Columbia. My goal is to make every moment live forever, as if stamped in time.