I got the call through a friend of mine named Ana, who is a wonderful photographer, and owner of Ana Chromatic (https://www.anachromatic.com/). "Want to come to Alberta?"

With a visit to my grandpa, and a chance to drive through the Rockies to shoot an amazingly scenic wedding, how could I say no? I hopped on a call with Kyle and was immediately gravitated toward his excited, and cut to the chase demeanor. A two minute call discussing business turned into a 1/2 hour call discussing the wedding and expectations, which turned into an hour long call by the end of which the conversation had naturally led down a path one can only hope for when jumping on the phone with a complete stranger.

Kyle has a strong, aggressive personality. But it is coupled with the obvious traits of a man who will do anything to protect and care for the ones he loves. My first impression upon meeting him at the rehearsal, the day before the wedding. The dude never stops smiling!!!!! And I mean never!

What a choice to make your vows and dance the hora(h) with the Rockies as your backdrop. But that resembles Kyle to a T. You could see in his eyes and his demeanor that he wanted nothing but the best for Danielle.

Danielle. A beautiful, soft spoken, kind-hearted woman who just exudes happiness. Shooting Danielle was extremely relaxing and enjoyable, as she sat there in preparation for the ceremony. It was clear that she was more than okay to let us fill her day with story after story. With an occasional laugh, and a more than occasional smile, what a time it was.

The venue provided an amazing time, with more than stellar food from the entrees up to a luxurious, yet rustic S'more styled desert. The Cornerstone Theatre is located in the heart of Canmore, and is partnered with the Canmore Ranch to offer wonderful wedding options. It's a good thing too, because the day started with showers, but finished with sunlight peaking for happy hour.  


I just want to thank Kyle and Danielle for having me take part in their special day. I hope that they have a long and happy marriage, filled with ups, and more ups, and through it all they can look back to the day it all began.

Because our passion at 7T7 Edison Productions is to make every moment live forever, as if stamped in time.