Held at a small house, off a crossroads in the back-country of British Columbia’s Fraser Valley, with the mountains visible in the distance; "picture perfect" would be the perfect way to describe the picture.

I met this beautiful, loving couple in a cafe located in New Westminster. With a handshake hello, and a hug goodbye, I knew this would be a wedding for me to enjoy being a part of. I was told that the wedding was to be filmed at a house, and admittedly I was skeptical of how I could make that work, but I was determined, and with these two, all I wanted was to create something as wonderful as they are together.

Pulling up to the house for the rehearsal on the evening before the wedding I was introduced to the wedding party. Not many of which were related, but with this crew, it was easy to tell; all of them were family. The laughs, the friendly ribbing, and the anticipation was as clear as the blue sky above - which was pretty remarkable considering the forecast for thundershowers.

I was instantly pulled into a feeling of welcome and belonging with both Spencer and Kelly. It seemed that they were more concerned with developing a lasting relationship rather than meeting a vendor. And by the end of the wedding, with my gear packed, and me dancing along with dozens of guests at the request of both the bride and groom, I can say that goal was achieved.

It’s always a blessing when you come across a wedding where the love outshines the decor. With Event Tents pulling out all the stops it’s really saying something that on August 24th, 2019, the pure love of Spencer and Kelly was the most beautiful thing about this wedding.

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